Daniel Debessai, Data Analyst Graduate Trainee

What were the issues keeping you out of work?

As a refugee there were quite a number of issues which keeps people out of graduate related work. The main issues were:

  • Lack of professional help from Job Centre. In fact there was constant pressure to find any casual job as soon as you can.
  • Lack of graduate related work experience in the UK like short internship programmes
  • Lack of understanding how the UK job market works
  • Lack of having network with professional individuals
  • Employers lack of knowledge about refugee status (most employers do not know that Refugees have full right to work in UK without immigration restriction)

What things made a difference?

The most important thing which made a difference during my job hunting was the services given by Transitions. Even though I was also trying hard to find a graduate job, Transitions services were what made a difference. I was getting a number of services from them like writing tailored CV, covering letter & application form guidance and a number of workshops with big companies, mock interviews and also most importantly making you believe in yourself that you have transferable skills.

How is your career going now?

Right now I am graduate trainee at the FDM Group (IT Consultant Company) which I came to know through Transitions. At the moment I am taking a core course which makes you ready to start a specific stream. I am discussing with technical advisors and account managers on choosing a right stream. It looks like I will probably be trained in Application Support Analyst which is a very good technical profession.

Looking back?

I wish I had known that a short term internship programme was very crucial when searching for a graduate job in the UK. I wasted too much time applying to graduate jobs without having UK statistics experience. Although I got there in the end.

Looking forward?

IT is a very broad profession, I want to have a real grasp of the technical side of it as soon as I can and work on clients’ sites hopefully soon.

Any suggestions?

Transitions are doing excellent work. On my opinion, they are the only social enterprise who understands professional refugees’ problems. Despite tough economic times, they managed to reach top employers and were able to pass their message across professionally. And on the other hand, refugees should keep their moral high and work harder, and they will definitely get there.

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