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Our employers are good employers who know the bottom line value to their organisation of effective diversity management. Refugee professionals have skills. Employers have jobs to fill with the best candidates. Ensuring that these candidates are included, rather than excluded, in the competitive recruitment mix is good for corporate aims and objectives and vice versa.

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Our candidates all have full permission to work. They do not require an additional visa. They are professional people who have been forced to migrate because of the dangerous situations in their home country: including accountants, community workers, engineers, environmentalists, graphic designers, aid and international development and human rights professionals, lawyers, scientists and statisticians. They come from countries such as Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Sudan and Zimbabwe. All Transitions clients are forced migrants (the Home Office term is Refugee).

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All Candidates have full permission to work (with a national insurance number) already and do not require a visa. All are graduates. Many have re-qualified (if necessary) in the UK and many have international work experience. All Transitions candidates must possess advanced English language skills and are multilingual.




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