• EDF Energy

    “I realised from our very first meeting the passion, expertise and proactive outlook .. takes to helping qualified refugees into full time employment. It is also clear that Transitions... is into the next stage of stakeholder engagement and that Transitions is making quite a remarkable impression on a range of stakeholders“

    Karen Elgy, Sustainability Performance Manager, EDF Energy
  • Crossrail

    “It is widely predicted that the UK will need more skilled engineers at both technician and graduate level. Transitions provides a credible source of engineers with the skills and experience to contribute to meeting this need. We encourage engineering companies to engage with Transitions to identify potential opportunities to meet their specific needs.“

    Bola Fatimilehin, Head of Diversity, Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Crossrail

    “Transitions provides an invaluable service for its highly-skilled refugee clients and KPMG has been delighted to run a series of employability skills workshops with them for teams of our volunteers. These have been insightful, impactful, rewarding and beneficial for all involved. A great way to put your skills to good use!“

    Corporate Responsibility Team, KPMG
  • National Grid

    "Transitions opens up an avenue for us to recruit a diverse graduate workforce. There's an option for recruiting to more experienced roles too. There's a real demand in the UK for highly skilled candidates in cables and tunnels and this presents a real alternative to find international people without the complexities around international recruitment."

    Sharon Goymer, Resourcing Manager, National Grid
  • Refugee Action Kingston

    "Transitions was able to identify a suitable candidate immediately and pass those details on. Our request was quite specific and only a short-term contract, so it did not attract a lot of general interest. without the use of the service, we may have been short of candidates. We recruited the Transitions candidate."

    Heather Knight, Project Manager, Refugee Action Kingston
  • Circle Housing

    “Demonstrating a clear commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is an important component of being a modern, inclusive employer of choice. Working with Transitions really is a win win. Skill and talent are brought into your business that meet your business requirements. The team at Transitions have a rigorous matching service that makes it easy to support ready to work refugee professionals.”

    Jen Smith, Group Head of Diversity, Circle Housing Group
  • Crossrail

    "We gained a first-class civil engineer employee as a result of Transitions. The internship and intern was above our expectations.. The refugee community offers a good untapped market."

    Dawn Barker, Head of HR, Crossrail

Transitions’ position statement on unpaid Internships

The statement in the link and paragraphs below is a clarification of Transitions' current position on facilitating unpaid internships. We would value your comments.

Transitions has had a number of discussions recently with a range of people and organisations about the role and value of unpaid internships (also known as 'work experience placements') in the UK. It is obviously something that Transitions provides and supports. There is a proven record in the refugee sector and other employment support sectors that 3-6 month internships are a proven way to assist someone without UK work experience, familiarity with the UK jobs market or references in their field of work to move on into paid work.

Internships are far more common in the UK than a few years ago. Many are unpaid. Internships is a worryingly grey area from the point of view of good practice and law. Especially the question of payment. There are wide disparities of practice across organisations and Transitions wishes to contribute to best practice.

In Transitions' view, there is a legitimate place for internships in the labour market. Transitions would like internships to be paid an allowance of at at least the equivalence of the minimum wage. Internships provide the opportunity to gain the experience that is necessary to get through selection processes for substantive jobs. Unpaid internships are volunteering. Jobcentre Plus customers may take up voluntary internships and remain in receipt of benefits, so long as they continue to actively seek work. This is also an issue that Transitions is asking Jobcentre Plus to look at: allowing 3-6 month unpaid work experience for refugees without the requirement to actively seek work at the same time.

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