Highly-skilled, fully-screened refugee professionals with industry-standard qualifications and untapped skills and experience

All our candidates have UK equivalent qualifications - backed up by a NARIC opinion - and 40% have British Degrees or Masters. Most have worked to British or American standards overseas, and have joined their British professional body.

All our candidates have full permission to work in the UK.

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Refugee professionals bring skills and experience, new perspectives and creativity to your workforce

They bridge your skills gaps and help meet your inclusion targets. It makes business sense.

Our internships add major value after only 3 to 6 months

They’re a fast, proven way to bring sought-after, skilled, experienced and compliant engineers into your business.

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Our clients


What our clients say

Joe Shahmoradian, Head of Recruitment (Apps UK)Joe Shahmoradian, Head of Recruitment (Apps UK)Capgemini
"At Capgemini we want to build a workplace that reflects the diversity of our clients and sound data shows that diversity of thought is what drives companies forward. Ultimately weknow diverse teams have a positive ...
Barbra Carlisle, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, ArcadisBarbra Carlisle, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, ArcadisArcadis
“I am always interested to see what Transitions are up to – you play such an important role in enabling people to get back into (professional) work.”
Dawn Barker, Head of HRDawn Barker, Head of HRCrossrail
“We gained a first-class civil engineer employee as a result of Transitions. The internship and intern was above our expectations.. The refugee community offers a good untapped market.“
Sharon Goymer, Resourcing Manager - Development ProgrammesSharon Goymer, Resourcing Manager - Development ProgrammesNational Grid
"Transitions opens up an avenue for us to recruit a diverse graduate workforce. There's an option for recruiting to more experienced roles too. There's a real demand in the UK for highly skilled candidates in cables ...