We are an employment agency with a difference – all of our candidates are refugee professionals

All our profits are recycled into providing further services for refugee jobseekers. Candidates are all graduates or post-graduates, often highly experienced on international projects and are seeking to restart their careers in the UK, interrupted by war and forced migration.



Tap into the talent we have to offer by following our tried and tested pathway

Arup hired an Electrical Design Engineer following a 3-month placement.

“She blossomed. We are looking to plug growing skills gaps in some engineering disciplines, including electrical engineering”

David Deighton, Director - ARUP


There is a shortage of key skills in the UK economy and in areas like engineering, the problem is reaching a critical point.

But there are refugees in the UK with these skills who are working in jobs that do not make the most of their skills, or not working at all.

At Transitions we help businesses leverage the untapped potential of refugees by



7 out of 10 of our interns get hired into professional roles

Joe Shahmoradian, Head of Recruitment (Apps UK), Capgemini
"At Capgemini we want to build a workplace that reflects the diversity of our clients and sound data shows that diversity of thought is what drives companies forward. Ultimately weknow diverse teams have a positive ...Joe Shahmoradian, Head of Recruitment (Apps UK), CapgeminiCapgemini
Barbra Carlisle, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Arcadis
“I am always interested to see what Transitions are up to – you play such an important role in enabling people to get back into (professional) work.” Barbra Carlisle, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, ArcadisArcadis
Dawn Barker, Head of HR
“We gained a first-class civil engineer employee as a result of Transitions. The internship and intern was above our expectations.. The refugee community offers a good untapped market.“ Dawn Barker, Head of HRCrossrail
Sharon Goymer, Resourcing Manager - Development Programmes
"Transitions opens up an avenue for us to recruit a diverse graduate workforce. There's an option for recruiting to more experienced roles too. There's a real demand in the UK for highly skilled candidates in cables ...Sharon Goymer, Resourcing Manager - Development ProgrammesNational Grid