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Tips on diversity management from the outside !


I was on the panel yesterday evening at the London HR Connections event on the (ever ongoing !) topic of the business case for diversity and inclusion.  Thanks to our clients Capgemini, OPDC and Oliver Wyman for being there too.


Here are some thoughts from me, as part of a small external D&I service:   –  As Wallace said to Gromit  ‘Don’t pontificate about the bush’ .  By which I mean,  try to be decisive as an organisation about D&I, then stick to it,  at least for a set time.

So,  if you don’t feel that positive action initiatives are for you,  then tell everyone.  if you do decide you want to engage with particular excluded groups,  decide how you’re going to do that,  then tell everyone.  and tell them again.

–  Celebrate  success and tell the outside world.     Make it a USP – a reason why people want to work for you and stay with you.

–  Make questioning and discussing inclusion/exclusion part of your corporate culture.  When someone can be themselves at work,  they’re probably going to be more productive and happy to stay.

–  D&I targets can drive things forward.  They give people permission to act.

–  having a D&I core budget is a really practical thing, especially to kick start new initiatives like positive action internships.                  Sheila Heard

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