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February 1, 2019
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February 14, 2019

Being impartial in social enterprise recruitment – not easy !

Corporate clients wants to interview candidates for a position? 

How to select those candidates?  

– The ‘great candidate’ who has just joined the service?  (may be a quick fee earner)

– The person who registered months ago and whose CV has a big gap on it?  (person really needs this placement. May not get it)

– The person who has already had a placement and needs it less than others but is  good in interviews? (may be a quick fee earner)


Employ trained careers guidance staff who can deliver impartial, candidate-centred caseload management and CPD services.   This is recruitment- plus,  not just recruitment.

Be transparent with candidates and corporates about how your organisation selects candidates to put forward for roles

Be tough with your corporate clients !  If they tell you that they already welcome everyone to apply –  but reject many good candidates.  Tell them !  And help them with more inclusive role descriptions (eg Internships) and more inclusive shortlisting and interviews.

Then you’ll be able to put forward the right candidates for your clients, for the right roles,  with the right reasons for doing so.    Sorted.











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