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July 7, 2016
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Blog from volunteer after Transitions workshop:Refugee self-confidence is a major issue that employers can assist with

Transitions Blog 2 – Daniel
The purpose of the recent Transitions orientation workshop was primarily to inform refugee professionals on the service that is offered to them and how they can best improve their job search.
Following this, I was left with a clear impression of a theme that holds true for a lot of, if not all of the candidates. This is one of discouragement and a lack of morale regarding their own job search and does not come as a great surprise. For many of the candidates they have been looking for work fitting of their profession for years before even coming to Transitions. Alternatively, some have been part of the Transitions team for a similarly long period of time. This long period of job searching would be taxing enough for anyone, but when one considers that all of the refugees did not have a choice in leaving their previous job (which for many of them was a good senior position) one has to appreciate that there is an even greater reason to feel hard done by. There is therefore a clear issue of how refugee professionals can stay motivated after months or years of multiple rejections and disappointments.
I believe that one powerful way in which this can be achieved, is by hearing the story of other refugees that have had a similar experience but eventually found success. Indeed, this is what happened at the workshop when a former Transitions candidate shared his story. After speaking to several refugees after the workshop it was evident that they had been given real encouragement to keep pressing on in their efforts, and that eventually all their hard work will pay off.
Coming to a close, I believe that the key to maintaining morale is to keep the belief going through thick and thin. Moreover, I can say with utmost confidence that the candidates that do this will have the best chance of securing a job deserving of their experience and skills.

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