March 19, 2020

Refugee employment in UK

                                                                                                           March 2020                       by Tuka Almaleh [email protected]               Refugees earn on average £284 a week – about half that of UK-born workers People with Refugee Status […]
March 13, 2020

Quantity vs Quality services

Provocative replies to this post welcome ! Transitions London only registers 30 new candidates each year. We put in intensive services and 55% of candidates find […]
March 11, 2020

Refugees – permission to work

People with Refugee Status have permission to work in the UK in any profession at all skill levels. Page 22: Anyone who is granted permission to […]
February 14, 2020

Looking on to find out if refugees in the UK can work? Here’s your answer…

Google won’t find it….. Ecosia won’t find it…. searching on the website itself won’t find it. But if you look on page 22 of this […]