Moving inclusion of refugee professionals forward.. gradually.
April 18, 2019
Curious about refugee employment? Can they work? How does it work?
July 11, 2019

There are candidates out there for those Civil and Architecture vacancies.

The UK media is reporting such high numbers of Civil Engineering and Architecture unfilled vacancies that there is talk of adding those professions to the list that employers can look overseas to fill.

At the same time, Civil Engineers and Architects are banging on recruiters’ doors. Women Returners, highly skilled refugees, ex-military professionals, BAME Graduates and professionals with disabilities.

The stats don’t stack up. Highly-skilled, compliant professionals are looking for jobs and recruiters looking for candidates.

So, come on UK Engineering plc. Recruitment managers – ask your teams to show you who they have rejected this week and ask them why. What pathways are there for people to restart interrupted professional careers? What level Apprenticeships do you have? What D&I training and monitoring have you got in place? Diversity leads to higher profits – all the research tells us that.

Drop us a line to meet our candidates or be introduced to other organisations like us. We love to collaborate.

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