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November 7, 2014
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January 6, 2016

Contributions of refugees: lifting barriers to inclusion

Hi Transitions, 

Well said, indeed refugees are not benefit seekers or economic migrants. Different media outlets are portraying negative images and that creates a very hostile environment and impedes any efforts towards tolerance, reiteration, social cohesion and inclusion process. Refugees have skills. They can contribute positively in the local economy. The great scientist Einstein and many business people who contribute vigorously at global level were refugees. Their descendants and many new arrivals are playing crucial roles at different levels in various host countries.

As human beings we have to look at it from different angles and should differentiate between economic migrants and refugees. Its a moral and legal obligation to provide those who left their country because of fear of persecution and their return jeopardise their lives the necessary support and assistance to pave a decent life. 

Many thanks to Transitions, CARA and other refugee supporting organizations who are tirelessly working and campaigning for the rights of the refugees and facilitating all means to make their integration possible and successful.






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Thought you may be interested to read some positive news and information about refugees, for a change.  There’s a reference to Transitions in it. 


Either on the Transitions linked-in group (please join this open group if you wish)


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