The employer's story

Company: WhyApply


How did you get involved?

We have been working with Transitions for nearly a year. I was introduced to the organisation via a mutual contact and was immediately struck by the work they were doing, and wanted to be involved. At a time when the construction industry is constantly claiming there is skills shortage, here is an excellent pool of talent waiting to be given the opportunity to show case their skills and are able to fill vacant positions. I couldn’t understand why Transitions was finding it so difficult to get support from major employers and wanted to help promote what they do.

How successful was the placement?

We have made placements for internships in smaller organisations within the private and quasi public sectors.   Candidates have had the opportunity to get valuable work experience and learn some of the “softer skills” of working in a UK  office environment.  It’s too early to tell how these experiences will benefit them in the longer term as each individual learns something different from each placement; the ultimate aim is obviously a permanent position. Success from my perspective has been that candidates have worked in organisations that ordinarily may not have been on their radar, and now open to  working in different types of organisational structures. They have had an opportunity to work on some interesting development projects and met prominent people from within the industry which  I know will have increased their confidence, and to be part of that, has been very satisfying.

Why should commercial recruiters engage with Transitions?

It’s simple –  Employers need people who are ready for the new world of work; who have agile minds, can problem solve, and resilient. I believe candidates from Transitions have the right mindset and have experiences to demonstrate these skills; the technical skills can be taught.

The refugee professionals still meet the job criteria; they know they must compete and work hard. They do not want to be treated differently. If companies just give them a chance, they will be rewarded with loyalty and a strong work ethic. Where companies are working internationally, particularly post Brexit, it makes business sense to harness the knowledge these people have of new markets, to create new propositions.

Recruiters who are supplying to corporates need to help them to be open minded, imaginative and proactive. Fear and lack of knowledge of legislation around refugees’ permission to work should not be an excuse not to hire from this community. Transitions are here to help and provide fantastic support to ensure compliance. Once recruiters and employers are more familiar with that, there’s a gateway to talent that is currently being wasted.

Would you recommend the services of Transitions?

Transitions is a great organisation with candidates who are highly skilled, educated, and speak multiple languages. With a lot of commentators saying the industry is lacking skilled labour, it’s a no brainer. I would absolutely recommend it to businesses of all sizes. On a more general level, we all have a role in society to help and welcome people into this country who have nothing and know nobody. We need labour and these people can work and want to work. Whilst it can be challenging for busy managers with a demanding workload assimilate and support these workers, Transitions have extensive on-boarding experience and offers a good after-care service. As long as there is commitment, organised plan, everything else can be overcome.

“Transitions is a great organisation with highly skilled labour, who are highly literate, educated, and speak English. With a lot of commentators saying they are lacking skilled labour, it’s a no brainer.”