Reports and statistics that explore a range of topics, including Annual Reports to placement introductions

Transitions Annual Reports

Annual Report 2017 - Download PDF

Annual Report 2016 - Download PDF


UK NARIC Guide - Download PDF

Refugee Rights to Work

Refugee Rights to Work Information - Download PDF

Publicity documents

Candidate Case Study - Download PDF

Corporate Case Study - Download PDF

Transitions 3-6 month placement setup introduction - Download PDF

Transitions Corporate Services & Business Case - Download PDF

Transitions Inclusive Talent Service - Download PDF

Research and Networks about UK refugee employment

Integrated Communities Strategy Government Action Plan Feb 2019 - Download PDF

Refugee Employment Support 2018 - Download PDF

Effective Partnerships 2018 - Download PDF

Oxford University research on UK refugee employment 2018 - Download PowerPoint

Engaging with Employers UNHCR & OECD report 2018 - Download PDF

Syrian resettlement integration – UNHCR Winter 2017 - Download PDF

OECD & UNHCR refugee and migration employment stats and policy debates 2017 - Download PDF

The public facing part of the EU funded Counselling for Refugee and Migrant Integration into the Labour Market project (CMinaR) can be found at All of the materials can be accessed on a shared portal. To access these use the following user name and password.       

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