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September 12, 2014

Focus group with Tuesday’s Child TV production company Friday 5th September 2014

Below is information about a focus group that Transitions held on Friday 5th September with Tuesday’s Child TV production company. The subject was exploring the experience of UK jobseeking professionals with refugee background. Tuesday’s child are looking into making a TV programme on the subject.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION : Development of TV Programme for potential commissioning by Channel 4

Tuesday’s Child is a TV production company founded by Karen Smith, previously BBC Creative Director

They wished to consult a range of individuals and organisations in order to produce a TV programme, commissioned by Channel 4, to explore the topic of the very considerable challenges that jobseeking professions with refugee backgrounds face in the UK, with no statutory services for refugee orientation/settlement and a range of refugee-related issues to solve and perhaps come up with some potential solutions. They are aware that Refugees and Asylum Seekers are sometimes maligned in the press and misunderstood by the public and wish to contribute to addressing that.

They are in the process of creating a robust Factual arm, spearheaded by award-winning Executive Producer Steph Harris. The Production manager is Richard Langlois

Tuesday’s Child read the article published by the Guardian Weekend magazine in March 2014:

They want to explore your experiences and ideas, in particular around how to connect with more people and organisations in the UK, for mutual benefit. For example, the idea of a ‘Brokerage’ or ‘Alternative Job Centre’ of skills and experience offered and accepted by refugees from other individuals and organisations.

Tuesday’s Child wished to host a focus group for around 6 Transitions candidates, as part of the consultation process for developing the programme. Please find the Focus Group discussion points below.

In terms of data protection they would not require or release any names of participants of the focus group and would not want to film anyone. The meeting is purely for research, to hear about personal, first-hand experiences. They will use the information they learn when they go to their next meeting with the channel commissioner. They would like to take a still photograph of the members of the meeting- purely to show the commissioners when they discuss the project. Individuals could decide not to be in the photo. It would not be used for any other purpose without written permission from individuals.

If any of the focus group members were interested in being involved further, then they would start building more formal data protection and confidentiality agreements at a later date, after they have got concrete interest from the broadcasters. Both Tuesday’s Child and Channel 4 are committed to stringent data protection guidelines, so they would make certain that anything they learn from the focus group would go no further than between them and the commissioners at Channel 4.


Tuesday’s Child Television 33 Foley St London W1 W7Tl 0207 927 6470 10-15 minutes walk from Oxford Circus or Goodge Street tubes


Friday September 5th 2014. 10.00am – 12.00 Travel expenses provided. Please bring receipt. Please arrive on time.

  • Your background & coming to the UK
  • Your time as an asylum seeker
  • How your experience has changed since being granted refugee status
  • The job hunting experience
  • Did you do any volunteering as an asylum seeker?
  • How important is having unpaid, relevant work experience?
  • The biggest challenges in their view as a refugee
  • How much contact and support do you receive from other asylum seekers/refugees
  • Would you consider offering some of your professional skills to assist other people in London and gain UK experience in return? Eg Accountancy, CAD design for small organisations or maths coaching for individuals
  • What would you like a programme such as the one we are proposing to achieve for asylum seekers and refugees?
  • What concerns would you have about a programme such as ours?
  • Would you personally consider being involved in this project if it progresses?

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