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A structured work experience programme. Work experience is an opportunity to demonstrate skills, build a profile with a potential employer and potentially enhance competitiveness.

A Professional profiling and career planning service guiding candidates in researching their occupation and sector in the UK, matching their skills and experience with relevant roles, career planning for the short, medium and longterm, connecting with Professional Bodies & Naric and building a supportive professional network of people to assist them.

A quality jobsearch service, with 1-1 guidance and workshops and seminars with corporates and employed candidates. A social enterprise employment Agency.

A social enterprise employment Agency.

There are no easy answers to finding skilled employment as a refugee. It takes time, detail and a lot of effort by all involved. However, it is possible. We work as part of a collaborative network of supporting organisations. Where there is already a programme to assist you (for example, refugee health professionals services at Refugee Council and RAGU) we will put you in contact with other organisations.


Register with Transitions


Welcome to the Registration page. If you would like to apply for registration or for further information, there are a range of ways to contact Transitions. We will try to respond to you within 3 working days.

Step One - Check eligibility for Transitions' Services

Selection Criteria

When an application form is received for any Transitions services, Transitions will follow a transparent, candidate centred process to learn if the client satisfies the following strict selection criteria. If the candidate does not, then Transitions programmes are not currently the best route to follow. For example, there may be a need for English development or significant careers guidance or another suitable service already exists (eg Health and Teaching professionals) Transitions will explain this to the candidate & suggest other agencies for support at that time.

Eligibility criteria for Transitions services

1. Potential candidate has permission to work. Evidence of immigration status will be needed. (All Home Office responses to asylum applications that provide permission to work are eligible. UK citizenship is also eligible, unless not permitted by an external funder)

2. Living in London and has been in the UK for less than approximately 6 years

3. Business English level ESOL level 2 standard at least. Tested by written exercise and spoken interview.

4. Employment requirements

a) A professional in terms of career focus and skill level (i.e at least either an overseas or UK graduate or with significant occupational experience and at least approximately level 6 - Degree skills level).

b) Already has clear informed choice of profession and wishes further employment support. (not education/training support) Tested by written exercise.

c) Does not need to gain further qualifications in order to find skilled job in their profession and does not have such a large career gap as to make retraining necessary. (assessed on a case by case basis)

5. Transitions Application Form and Written Assessment.

Step Two - Register with us