By making use of our 3-6 month placements both you and the candidate can make sure the fit for the role is absolutely right. Even if you don’t go on to hire both you and the candidate will have gained valuable experience.

We manage all aspects of the placement before and during the time the candidate is with you. There is no obligation to hire at the end of the placement and if you don’t hire we give you your money back.

Not every placement results in a hire but in 2017 70% of Positive Action Placements were hired.

In 2017


of Transitions' interns

successfully moved into professional jobs

This is how it works

A workshop run in your organisation shows everyone how our candidates can be included in your talent pipeline.
We find a suitable candidate and guide them to produce a summary of their qualifications and transferable skills.

A Positive Action Placement - managed by us - makes sure the fit is right. 7 out of 10 of our interns get hired.
You hire someone you know can do the job.

* with reference to UK and International standards, in liaison with the relevant Professional Bodies and the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC).

….We’ve had fabulous outcomes for the Arcadis Placement cohorts. I am always interested to see what Transitions are up to – you play such an important role in enabling people to get back into work they are usually already pretty qualified for!

Barbra Carlisle - Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Arcadis