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January 28, 2019
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February 5, 2019

Friday Blog by Sheila – Let’s signpost refugees from Jobcentres to local employers and refugee advice services

Great day yesterday at the launch of the Refugee Employment Network.   It’s clear that there is a momentum towards co-ordination, with input by DWP and the Home Office.

I was startled to learn that the Refugee marker has been removed from the DWP system though,  with the argument that identifying disadvantage ‘isn’t useful’.  No evidence or experience tells me that approach works!

Refugees want to know about specialist local refugee services.   They expect the Job Centre (the clue is in the name)  to help them find relevant jobs and receive specialist support to solve the very real refugee barriers, such as extreme unfamiliarity to the UK jobs market and the need to find relevant work experience.

The ABC ‘Any job will do’  approach makes no sense to me,  especially for refugee professionals,  who are likely to find well-paid work in their professions,  given the right services.  Otherwise,  they either remain as expensive jobseekers or find themselves trapped in retail work, unable to move back into using their skills.

Sorry DWP –   I still don’t agree with the logic !!







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