Step by step


Candidates produce a detailed professional development profile. This includes overseas and UK professional qualifications, membership of professional bodies, portfolios of previous work, past experience, and professional development goals.


You create a specification for a six month paid returner placement within your organisation.


We liaise between your talent acquisition team and candidates, matching placement roles with a shortlist of potential candidates for interview.


We provide sensitive professional development input for your managers, with inclusive and fair interview techniques to eliminate unconscious bias.


We co-arrange interviews, briefing candidates and helping them prepare.


We provide successful candidates with a clear, documented setup process. This includes mutual objectives, a flexible work plan, reflective learning journal, and monthly review meetings.


In the last six weeks of the placement, you’ll consider the potential for future job opportunities, liaising with Transitions and the candidate themselves. There’s no obligation to retain candidates after the placement – although 70% are.

Your placement partner

    Our continuous returner placement support includes:
  • Facilitating regular reviews and feedback between candidates and your organisation
  • Access to resources and seminars which develop the working relationship
  • Ongoing engagement with professional bodies and help coordinating future opportunities

You pay a flat rate agency fee of £1,200 which helps support returner placements.

We also require you to pay candidates at least the London Living Wage (£10.55 per hour as of 2019) Most employers pay a salary higher than the LLW.

Pay a flat rate


returner placement agency fee

We regard this Transition’s programme as very successful with a good permanent hire percentage. We plan to invest further this year.

Helen McCarthy, People Director, Arcadis

Candidates complete their placements with a deep understanding of your organisation, having proven the value they bring to the table.

While you’re under no obligation to retain candidates, 70% of placements result in either permanent employment or a further fixed-term contract.

If an intern is retained, our fees are transparent with no hidden extra costs.

The returner placement retention or permanent hire fee to the employer is


of the gross annual salary

Candidates: this fee is not deducted from your salary

We gained a first-class civil engineer employee as a result of Transitions. The internship and intern was above our expectations. The refugee community offers a good untapped market.

Dawn Barker, Head of HR, CrossRail

The Transitions model is effective. It works. Contact us to find out more.