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February 14, 2019
55% of Transitions’ candidates returned to professional roles 2016-18
March 1, 2019

LinkedIn tips

Tips from our 18/2 Transitions LinkedIn workshop:

oYou could use a photograph of a site or diagram if you don’t wish to use your photo. Don’t leave the photo box empty – it looks as if you have forgotten to do it.

o For career gaps, use that space to explain your professional development during that time and maybe to explain the employment challenges to a helpful audience. Invite advice and contacts.

o Describe your abilities and your successes and your professional passions – this is your promotional page not just a history

o Upload presentations and photos

o Get endorsements from other people to build your professional presence

o Connect with other relevant contacts and groups, to learn from them, hear about organisations, meetings, jobs

o Make comments, praise, ask questions – be seen

o Get on there several times a week

LinkedIn’s a great way of re-building your professional network.  Through that network of new people,  you should start to hear about more vacancies than are available on jobsboards etc.  Many jobs and work experience placements are never advertised so it’s crucial to network. LinkedIn is a great place to do that.  It’s free and growing.  (Employers can use a paid-for service to access even more functions – that’s how LinkedIn makes its profits).

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