Placements make the difference
February 13, 2020
Refugees – permission to work
March 11, 2020

Looking on to find out if refugees in the UK can work? Here’s your answer…

Google won’t find it….. Ecosia won’t find it…. searching on the website itself won’t find it. But if you look on page 22 of this guide (ie the guide that the search engine doesn’t find…) here is the information:

Page 22: Anyone who is granted permission to remain in the UK as a refugee or who is granted humanitarian protection has unrestricted access to the labour market. A refugee may demonstrate their work entitlement through their Biometric Residence Permit

Please share with your networks and ask your MP why this information is not freely available. People with refugee protection in the UK have a right to expect a reasonable chance of finding a job. This lack of information for employers directly challenges that right.

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