Thanks ARUP for running Engineering Returner Placements. What to know more?
March 29, 2019
There are candidates out there for those Civil and Architecture vacancies.
May 31, 2019

Moving inclusion of refugee professionals forward.. gradually.

Here are some stats. Please respond with your thoughts. Although Transitions is sustaining itself as a social business, through its Returner Placement and Experienced hire business services, (54% of 227 candidates hired) still too many candidates remain without work, in spite of the stats below.

Why is that?

What else can be done to assist employers to notice and engage with this talent pool?

Of the current 41 candidates:

100% hold overseas Degrees or Masters in Engineering, Architecture or Business Services professions

100% have over 2 years’ Professional experience in their field, using International Standards, (ISO, EU, British, American) c50% have 6-25 years’ professional experience.

54% also hold UK Degrees or Masters or other Professional Qualifications (eg ACCA)

All candidates, as Refugees, have permission to work already and do not require an additional visa.

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