Permission to work

Refugees have full permission to work in the UK in any profession at all skill levels - they are issued a Visa by the Home Office.

All our candidates are graduates and professionals with up to 25 years of relevant industry experience. They have overseas qualifications that are approved to be UK equivalent by NARIC or other UK professional bodies. And around 40% of our candidates have qualified again in the UK with additional degrees and masters.

We screen our candidates thoroughly. We ensure they have relevant experience and we do screening tests for business English skills. We also make sure our candidates have UK National Insurance numbers and biometric residence permits issued by the Home Office.

My CEO asked how I had managed to secure such a competent and well experienced candidate for the role. A graduate engineer, experience on steam systems, knowledge of Delta (a competitor technology), hands on capabilities to run the machine shop work, as well as CAD and solid works experience so he could develop his role elsewhere in the business in time. He's a perfect fit - it's been too good to be true!

Isobel Wales, Director of Operations for an international Bristol-based engineering company



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