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January 22, 2019
Proven Engineering transferable technical expertise
January 28, 2019

Social enterprise getting refugees back into work as tax-payers. Now where is the Government to support employers?

in 2018 Transitions generated social enterprise internships and experience hire recruitment income from 50% of its 37 professional job outcomes.  Proving for the 7th year that quality social enterprise, in partnership with good employers, is part of the solution for refugee employment.    It’s delivering on the  business case for skills attraction,  workforce planning and diversity management.  It’s not charity or do-gooding.

Now,  the Government could start to provide information to employers about refugee permission to work, to stop all the confusion.  A page on www.gov.uk to confirm that refugees have a Biometric Residency Card, with permission to work and National Insurance number already (ie employers don’t have to apply for anything), access to UK training and education at UK fees.


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