last workshop of the year- Engineering & Architecture Peer Support Workshop held at Transport for London offices
December 19, 2018
Annual Report for 2018
January 15, 2019

The situation – and solutions – for refugee professionals new to the UK jobs market


This new candidate has summarised very effectively what the transitional situation is for most refugees in the UK jobs market when they first enter it.  The solutions –  ie the opportunities – are found by inclusive employers, who provide structured 3-6 month paid work experience roles for refugee professionals.  70% of our work experience candidates are retained afterwards.

“A refugee has to face a lot when it comes to problems because he is new to …..the UK or any other country. I find 3 main problems that a refugee has to go through:  

  • Rights of refugee when they apply for jobs that most of the organizations are unaware of, which makes it more complicated for both employer and employee to get to an outcome;


  • every refugee thinks that their qualification is either not accepted or valued (which is wrong), after a little of research I get to know that degrees can be equivalent after Naric’s assessments and registration;


  • finally, a refugee isn’t known to the work environment especially in their early days ……it will take some time for a refugee to adapt to the UK’s workforce environment and for them to know what job is suitable for them.”

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