We can help you access an untapped pool of specialist industry talent that’s compliant and ready to work.

We do this via industry-focussed 6 month paid internships with refugee professionals — specialising in engineering and business services. We help the UK engineering and business sectors access the diverse talent of refugee professionals through our specialist internships, curated around needs workshops, robust matching processes, and monthly review meetings.

And it works. Over 70% of our internships end in a permanent position.



of our internships

end in a permanent position
We gained a first-class civil engineer employee as a result of Transitions. The internship and intern was above our expectations.

Dawn Barker, Head of HR, Crossrail

We're not just a recruitment agency - we’re an expert industry-focussed agency. By partnering with us, you can make your hiring more efficient, more sustainable, and more diverse whilst reducing recruitment costs and increasing the quality of your hires.

And hiring a refugee professional makes business sense. Our candidates bring experience and skills from across the world — providing new perspectives and creativity, and intimate knowledge of international markets. Find out more about the business case for hiring refugee professionals.

About the Transitions internship

Our structured 6 month internships are a relevant pathway to quickly trial and hire for experienced engineering roles. We succeed through intensive one-to-one case work - resulting in fewer but higher quality candidates closely matched to your values and needs.

The candidates we source for internships are highly skilled professionals with years of experience. We can select graduate and experienced Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical engineers, Project Managers, Design and Site engineers, and Architects. The internship is a way for these candidates to showcase their talent - and they can deliver real business value from day one.

Our internships also offer an excellent return on investment (ROI). The internship salary is a fair trial-run salary paid at the London Living wage - we charge a £600 agency fee.

And it’s low-risk — it’s a quick, efficient way to get dynamic and diverse talent into your workforce.

We charge a


agency fee

for our structured 6 month internships

What we'll do for you

  • Set up mutual objectives and a work plan for candidates and managers
  • Schedule regular meetings for staff and candidates
  • Facilitate written employer feedback on skills and achievements
  • Offer regular assessments of interns and business needs
  • Provide guided reflective learning journal and support for candidates
  • Facilitate engagement with professional services
  • Support candidates continuously once they’ve entered permanent positions

Find out how it works to see the process step-by-step — and get in touch to talk to us about our internships.

Transitions introduces individuals who are viable refugee candidates. The suitability of the candidate is a very important aspect.

Nilesh Thanki, Talent Acquisition Team, Arcadis

If your organisation is new to including refugees in your hiring pipelines, you might want to arrange a workshop at your workplace. We run sessions all year round.